I strongly believe that faces can tell a lot beyond spoken words.
People, who make the best out of a difficult life have to transform an affliction into inner strength.
In my portraits I want to show how their honesty and self-awareness makes the invisible visible. As a doctor I believe in the importance of facial language. Faces are vivid maps of human experience which I have to read to understand somebody else to some extent. In this project I explored what a mere face can say without the supporting attributes of the usual environment. I mostly chose people who live at the fringe of the prestigious life, who have to deal with inner and exterior blemishesand who become strong because they have to accept their vulnerability and imperfection. These people do not fit the dominant ideal of beauty. But for me, they are ambassadors for human dignity. I want to honor the uniqueness of those who are usually not the center of the world.

as if nothing happened

who would live
on this earth and not run on it

you’ll never be alone

on the effortlessness of crossing borders

beyond the field


the camp

the doctor

substitute home


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