What kind of people build themselves a tiny substitute home in or just outside of their home town? What drives them to spend many months of the year living on their allotments of land or as long term guests at a camping ground at the edge of their town? Who decides to go to the extreme of even spending the winter in a camper instead of in the Berlin apartment only a few kilometres away? These people have construed themselves their own little substitute homes, warm nests from which they venture out into daily life. I have always been fascinated with the concept of home. The feeling of having roots in a place has something that is close to the earth, steadfast to storms, unable to be moved.I experienced how very different people and their mentalities were according to the individual camping sites and garden colonies. On some sites one found total conformity, on others individuality was desired, East or West Berlin made no difference. I heard the stories of lives through which I understood this feeling of home and the many decades bound to the hut or camper.

as if nothing happened

who would live
on this earth and not run on it

you’ll never be alone

on the effortlessness of crossing borders

beyond the field


the camp

the doctor

substitute home


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