160 kilometers of what once was the strip of cleared land on which the wall stood and which marked the zone subject to a shooting order surround Berlin and run through the city. 20 years after the fall of the wall there are few traces of what had such a profound impact on the lives of so many people. How the construction of the wall tore apart families in the course of a single day, how in the following years a common culture developed into a socialist and a capitalist world, how close hope and despair lay in attempts to overcome the wall. The historical border strip can be navigated on an almost continuous bike path. In the course of a year I have ridden each section countless times. The photographs taken there are all from the former border zone or its immediate vicinity. Quotes from witnesses draw connections between the images and daily life next to the death sector before and after the fall of the wall. "It is terrible and wonderful at the same time how fast life lets grass grow over history. But the scars remain."

as if nothing happened

who would live
on this earth and not run on it

you’ll never be alone

on the effortlessness of crossing borders

beyond the field


the camp

the doctor

substitute home


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